All production is run from Igelsta

The Igelsta plant is situated beside the Södertälje Canal and includes a quay for unloading fuel brought here by boat. Besides the Igelsta district heating plant, the area also contains the Igelsta CPH plant, which is the largest of its kind in Sweden.

The heating plant’s boiler hall contains three large hotwater boilers, three steam boilers, one large and two small reserve boilers and a steam converter that supplies quality-assured steam to AstraZeneca. Each of the hotwater boilers is connected to a flue gas treatment line leading out through the chimney. The boilers also have access aisles for bringing in fuel. In addition, the plant area contains ash silos, fuel tents and a space for sampling, unloading and storing the fuel. Söderenergi’s head offices are also located in the Igelsta plant.