Focus on the environment

Söderenergi has been focusing on environmental issues ever since the Igelsta plant was built in 1982.

The plant was the first in Sweden to be equipped with advanced flue gas treatment technology. Over the years, this has been expanded and refined to make it even more effective. Our aerial emissions of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and sulphur have been significantly reduced.

We have an ambitious environment policy. Besides fulfilling the official government requirements and guidelines, we have targets of our own that actually surpass them. We are working very hard in the environmental sphere, not least in seeking to reduce our discharges into water.

All our plants are certified according to the ISO 14001 standard.

Environmental policy

Söderenergi shall:

  • Affect the environment as little as possible
  • Prevent contamination and environmental disorders
  • Use modern technology to create a continuously improving environment
  • Primarily use fuels that have either already been used at least once, or cannot be recycled or reused in an effective way for the environment, and
  • Ensure that our energy production uses the best alternatives for the environment and resource sustainability