This is how we decide wich fuels we shall use

Söderenergi's board of directors has established guidelines for the choice of fuels. A long-term attitude, stability, the environment, economy and flexibility are the focus of our fuel policy.

  • When choosing a fuel, we shall make a collected judgement of environmental influences, resource sustainability and economy..
  • Primarily, we shall use fuels produced from such materials or such products that have either already been used at least once before, or cannot be re-used or recycled in an effective way.
  • We shall give priority to regional recycled fuels and bio-fuels if there are economical and environmental advantages.
  • We shall work for increased quality demands for all fuels, to achieve technically and environmentally optimised fuels, and work actively for the development of domestic recycled fuels with the same good technical an environmental properties, Recycled fuel comprises material that has already been used in offices, shops and industries, such as discarded paper, plastics and wood that cannot be recycled in other ways.
  • We shall be highly flexible so that we can use different types of fuels in Igelsta combined heating and power plant, Igelsta plant and Fittja plant.
  • When choosing fuels, we shall take the opinions of our owners and customers into consideration.