Quality control

Söderenergi invests extensively in the quality control of its fuels. In recent years, a comprehensive system has been built up for the purpose. Here, Söderenergi is the leader in Sweden.

The system involves acquiring as much information as possible about the content of the fuels so that we can keep them within the bounds of official requirements and our own environmental goals and guidelines – not least as regards the work environment aspect. It also involves handling the fuels as efficiently as possible while on stream so as to prevent unnecessary stoppages and wear and tear in the boilers. Finally, there are purely commercial reasons for having such an ambitious system. The commercial value of the fuels is based on what the samples show.

Random samples from all loads
Since 2003, Söderenergi has been operating a fuel sampler that takes random samples from fuel loads as they arrive. A number of samples are taken in compliance with a specially designed sampling programme. These provide a basis for estimating energy values, and are also collected in monthly batches for each supplier and sent to an accredited laboratory for analysis. The fuel must not contain anything other than what we have agreed on with the supplier.

Quality assurance
The quality assurance system begins with a specification of requirements from Söderenergi. Here, we have described in detail what we require of the fuel. Staff from the Fuel Unit #rätt namn?# travel regularly into the field to inspect and sample suppliers’ fuels, and they also keep in regular touch with the suppliers. Should a fuel delivered to Söderenergi not contain what has been agreed on, we immediately contact the supplier and corrective action is taken. Söderenergi has developed a special computer system for dealing with this area of work.