The Igelsta CHP plant – Sweden’s largest bio-fuelled cogeneration facility

CHP, Combined Heat and Power, is a way to produce both heat and electrical power in an resource and environmentally effective way. The Igelsta CHP plant, which came on stream in December 2009, is owned by the municipalities of Södertälje, Botkyrka and Huddinge, and represents the most ambitious environmental project in their history. It is an investment that has not only regional but also national and global significance. CO2 emissions are being cut by 75 000 tons/year, which is the equivalent of exhaust emissions from 25 000 petrol-driven cars travelling 15 000 kilometres per year.

The new plant produces 200 MW of district heating and 85 MW of electrical power. This level of power production corresponds to the annual consumption of electricity in some 100 000 private houses.

The new boiler burns biofuels and recovered fuels, which is Söderenergi’s nisch. We have built up an impressive store of knowledge in this field. The principal input is forestry waste, mainly tree branches and tops but also wood chips, bark and shavings etc. In addition, energy crops such as willow salix and reed canary grass are extensively used.

Recovered waste fuels are used to a lesser extent, i.e. quality-controlled scrap paper, wood and plastic that cannot be recycled into other materials and which come from offices, shops and industries. The above fuel mix ensures flexibility at a time when demand for biofuels is expected to grow dramatically in both Sweden and the rest of Europe. By mainly using renewable biofuels to generate electricity and heat, we help reduce emissions of greenhouse gases very substantially.