The Nykvarn fuel terminal

The Igelsta CPH plant, which is the largest cogeneration plant in Sweden, became fully operational in December 2009, boosting the annual throughput of fuel to Igelsta from 1.3 to 1.7 TWh.

In 2006, Söderenergi and Green Cargo began jointly investigating the possibility of supplying a section of the new CPH plant with forestry fuels via rail freight. Nykvarn was chosen as a suitable location, and in August 2008, the Brinova property company and Söderenergi agreed on the construction of a fuel terminal there. Initially, Söderenergi is leasing it from Brinova.

The terminal now extends across eight hectares of the Mörby industrial zone and has two sidings branching off from the Svealand railway line, as well as space for the storage of forestry chippings and stemwood. The first load of forestry chippings arrived by rail at the terminal in October 2009.

Green Cargo is responsible for the entire transport chain, from train to terminal, transshipment and delivery to Söderenergi. It has signed an agreement with Foria covering the operation, transshipment and delivery process. Foria has invested in new vehicles with Euro 5 engines for the purpose, manned by drivers who have been trained in heavy eco-driving techniques.

The terminal will, however, be open to other rail operators as well. Söderenergi itself handles the chipping of the stemwood and the sampling and control of the fuels.